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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Family planning and sexual health

Family planning services

Family Planning services and programs
Women and men regardless of age, sexual orientation, or ability to pay are welcome at Public Health Family Planning clinics. Our fees are on a sliding scale basis, which means our fees are based on a client’s income, and may be reduced to zero. No one is turned away because they cannot afford to pay. We also accept medical coupons and Take Charge, a state program that can pay for some or all of your birth control services. Our clinics can help you find out if you qualify. Our friendly and expert medical staff provides confidential medical services to all.

Family Planning clinics
A family planning clinic is a special clinic that offers services such as birth control, pregnancy tests, yearly exams for men and women, counseling about pregnancy, adoption and abortion, and sexually transmitted disease (STD) screening including HIV tests.

Teen clinics
Teen Health Clinics and school-based clinics provide education and services for pregnancy prevention, contraception, pregnant and parenting teens, physical exams, STD education, alcohol, drug and mental health services just for teens aged 12-20.

Community Service Offices Program
The Community Service Office (CSO) Program is staffed by Public Health Nurses located in 10 CSOs across the county and serve as extended sites in addition to Public Health Family Planning Clinics.
For the general public

Birth control
The best birth control method is the one that fits with your goals, values, preferences, and lifestyle. What matters most to a person when considering a birth control method will naturally change over time.

HIV/AIDS 101: Youth HIV Prevention Project
The Youth HIV Prevention Project is a joint venture between Public Health - Seattle & King County and local South King County high school students. The youth that participated in this project, shared information about preventing HIV and the importance of taking care of yourself if you do become infected of other teens.

Information for parents
Learn why sexuality education is important and the role of parents when communicating values.

Tips on talking to your partner (external site)

About of the Public Health Family Planning Program
In 1964, Public Health - Seattle & King County opened the doors of its first family planning clinic, located in the White Center community. Over the next decade, growing recognition of family planning as an essential part of public health resulted in the extension of these services to much of King County.
For health educators and students

Health education and outreach
Health education and outreach serve as powerful and effective bridges into a community. Public Health's Family Planning health educators share a variety of experiences in helping to build bridges in sexuality training and more.

Family Life and Sexuality Health (F.L.A.S.H.) lesson plans
Comprehensive and updated sexuality education curriculum developed by Public Health's Family Planning Program.
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HIV/AIDS program
Coordinates efforts to prevent new HIV infections, to promote awareness of infection among those at risk, to encourage and support on-going medical care and effective treatment for those infected and ill.

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Sexually transmitted diseases program
Fact sheets on chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, PID, etc. and where to get tested.

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Free to low cost health insurance
If you live in the Seattle and King County areas of WA state, find out if you qualify for free to low cost health insurance.

Sexual assault and harassment resources