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Public Health - Seattle & King County

YMCA of Greater Seattle

Contact: Mandi George,


For more than 133 years, the YMCA of Greater Seattle has provided safe and caring environments, positive role models, creative activities and opportunities to serve the needs of others, building a community where all people, especially the young, are encouraged to develop their fullest potential in spirit, mind and body. The YMCA serves its diverse communities with a variety of programming such as health and wellness classes, youth sports, family camps and educational opportunities.

America's health crisis is the defining issue of this generation and the next. This crisis has been brought about by many factors -- the most evident being lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating -- that are within our society's power to influence. The YMCA is in a unique position to influence the health of individuals in our communities by increasing opportunities for diverse communities to eat healthy, have access to health and wellness classes, and participate in sports.

CPPW-funded grant

The YMCA of Greater Seattle will look for opportunities to improve access to both nutrition and physical activity within programs in each of its sites, including fitness facilities, child-care sites, camps, school gyms, pools, sports fields and teen centers. Based on these assessments, the YMCA will develop comprehensive improvement plans that to ensure that facilities, programs, camps and the work environment at the YMCA promote healthy eating and physical activity. In addition, through community organizing, partnerships and coalitions, the YMCA will help reduce barriers and increase access to a healthy lifestyle for members and our diverse communities.

Hopes for the future

We have the knowledge, expertise and community partnerships that will lead to the success of this project. We will not only address this unprecedented health crisis, but we will also contribute to the long term health of our community. This project is part of a larger movement to make King County a place where all residents have access to healthy lifestyles.