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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Seattle Public School District


Seattle Public Schools is the largest K-12 school system in Washington, serving 45,944 students in 88 schools. The student population is diverse, with two percent Alaskan Native, 22 percent Asian Pacific Islander, 21 percent Black, 12 percent Hispanic and 43 percent Caucasian. In the Seattle Public Schools, 41 percent of students qualify for free and reduced meals.

CPPW-funded grant

The Seattle School District is offering training and purchasing equipment to: implement Five for Life, a School Board-approved physical education program in 17 elementary schools; develop and implement Safe Routes to School (SRtS) programs in four middle and five high schools; and, enhance a "Harvest of the Month" program to highlight Washington-grown produce, grains and dairy in meals prepared by the District's Nutrition Services. Seattle Public Schools will develop a plan to phase in the Institute of Medicine's nutrition standards for school meals through recipe modification with student participation in taste testing and by implementing a marketing campaign. Nutrition Services will become certified in the Whole Foods Cafeteria training program.

The District is focusing efforts in schools located in central and south Seattle to address populations that are disproportionately affected by overweight/obesity, low levels of fruit and vegetable consumption and higher levels of inactivity.

Hopes for the future

The staff trainings and equipment purchases supported by CPPW funds will ensure the sustainability of the Five for Life physical education curriculum and the use of more locally grown and whole foods in the cafeteria. Staff will continue to maintain and promote the SRtS program, and the newly developed walking maps will be posted online for easy reference by families.


Seattle Public Schools