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Artificial trans fat

red checkmark May 1, 2008 deadline:
The first phase to eliminate trans fat in King County applies to fry oils and shortenings, used for deep frying. All food establishments with operating permits from Public Health - Seattle & King County are required to stop using oils or shortenings that contain partially hydrogenated oil - also called artificial trans fat - for deep frying or in spreads. The exception to this is the deep frying of yeast dough or cake batters, such as donuts.

red checkmark February 1, 2009 deadline:
Food establishments must not store, use, distribute or serve any products containing artificial trans fat, except if served in the original package, such as potato chips, by February 1, 2009. Food establishments need to identify healthy alternatives for margarines, oils and shortening used for preparation of all other foods, including baked products, deep frying of yeast dough and cake batter. The regulation requires that artificial trans fat must be less than 0.5 grams per serving.

Information for the general public

Trans fat fact sheet (PDF)
Grasas trans: hoja informativa (PDF)
Establishments not in compliance (PDF)
Read King County Board of Health Regulation #07-02 (PDF)

Information for industry

Trans fat Help Center
Donate oils with trans fat
Trans fat Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Trans fat meeting minutes

Trans Fat Stakeholder Committee Meetings:

The removal of cooking products that have 0.5 grams or more of trans fat per serving will happen in two phases. Public Health has worked closely with representatives from the food industry and food establishments to inform, review, provide comment and offer suggestions for meeting the regulation.

The stakeholder committees began meeting regularly in October 2007 and will continue to meet, as needed.

Upcoming meetings:

None scheduled at this time.

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