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Public Health - Seattle & King County

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Helpful information about our clinics
  • Our services are confidential.
    In Washington state, all health care services offered at a family planning clinic are considered confidential. This means that we will not tell anyone about your visit unless you want us to. It also means that youth under 18 do not need written permission from their parents to get services like birth control, annual exams, STD tests, and pregnancy tests. Find out more about teens and confidentiality.

  • Our services are based on a sliding fee scale.
    That means our fees are based on a client’s income, and may be reduced to zero. No one is turned away because they cannot afford to pay. We also accept medical coupons and Take Charge, a state program that can pay for some or all of your birth control services. Our clinics can help you find out if you qualify.
What is a family planning clinic?

A family planning clinic is a special clinic that offers services such as birth control, pregnancy tests, yearly exams for men and women, counseling about pregnancy, adoption and abortion, and sexually transmitted disease (STD) screening including HIV tests. At Public Health, our expert medical staff provides services to all people, regardless of age, sexual orientation, or ability to pay.

Women and men regardless of age, sexual orientation, or ability to pay are welcome at Public Health Family Planning clinics. Our fees are on a sliding scale, and medical coupons and Take Charge are both accepted. No one is turned away because they cannot afford to pay. Our friendly and expert medical staff provides confidential medical services to all.

The following services are available at all of our family planning clinics:

Services for women:

Services for men:

Services for teens (ages 12-20):

Other services:

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