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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Find a birth control and STD clinic near you

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Auburn Public Health Center, 206-477-0600

Eastgate Public Health Center, Bellevue/Factoria, 206-477-8000

Federal Way Public Health Center, 206-477-6800

Kent Public Health Center, 206-477-6950

What our clients are saying:

"I am always able to get in, even if I walk in. The service is excellent."

"I love this clinic. They always are so kind and ask me about my life and how I am doing. I never feel judged or embarrassed. Really a great clinic."

"I have been coming here for years now. I have insurance and could go elsewhere but prefer to come here. Nice friendly doctors and nurses."

Helpful information about our clinics

High quality. Our doctors and nurses specialize in birth control methods and STD testing. You will get expert, high quality care at our clinics.

Confidential. All health care services are confidential. This means that we will not tell anyone about your visit unless you want us to.

Free or low-cost. No one is turned away because they cannot afford to pay. We can help you enroll in health insurance, if eligible. All our services are free or low cost, based on how much money you make.

Insurance. We accept all types of insurance, including private, Apple Health/Medicaid and Take Charge. For most family planning services there are no out-of-pocket costs with your insurance.

Teens. People under 18 do not need written permission from their parents to get services like birth control or pregnancy tests. And if you are age 14 and older, STD testing also is available without parent/guardian consent. Find out more about teens and confidentiality.

What is a family planning clinic?

A family planning clinic specializes in birth control, pregnancy tests, Plan B and testing for STDs. At Public Health, our doctors and nurses are experts in family planning services.

The following services are available at all of our family planning clinics:

Services for women:

Services for men:

Services for teens (ages 12-20):