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About us

LOK-IT-UP sponsors

The LOK-IT-UP steering committee has partners that coordinate and distribute messages about safe firearm storage throughout King County and Washington state.

LOK-IT-UP is supported by: firearm retailers, firearm owners, parents, schools, law enforcement, public health, elected officials, community organizations, and health care providers.

The campaign focuses on family and community safety and is not intended as a policy or crime prevention program, nor does it address the issue of gun control or a private citizen's right to bear arms. The campaign is a tangible step toward reducing access to guns to prevent firearm-related deaths, injuries, suicides, theft, and school-based threats.

Access an article with more information about the LOK-IT-UP campaign (PDF)

LOK-IT-UP raises awareness about the importance of safe firearm storage, informs the public about safe storage options, and promotes the availability of safe storage devices.

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If you would like additional information and LOK-IT-UP resources or would like to be involved, please contact us.

Public Health - Seattle & King County
Violence & Injury Prevention Unit

Whitney Taylor, Program Manager
Phone: 206-263-8730

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