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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Violence and Injury Prevention

Violence and Injury Prevention

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  • Welcome to LOK-IT-UP!
    Our mission is to promote the safety of our communities through increasing safe storage of firearms. King County staffs the LOK-IT-UP initiative as part of our Gun Violence Prevention Initiative.

  • The Public Health approach to gun violence in King County (Nov. 2015)
    A public health approach helps us better understand how and when guns are used unsafely, and then develop solutions that put an end to these preventable injuries and losses. Guided by research and evidence, we develop prevention programs and evaluate those programs rigorously.

  • Report: The Impact of Firearms on King County’s Children: 1999 – 2012 (Nov. 2013)
    The mass shooting of children at Newtown, CT struck a chord here in King County. Shortly after, King County Executve Dow Constantine issued an Executive Order directing Public Health – Seattle & King County to develop innovative, data-driven local strategies to prevent gun violence in King County.

  • Report: Gun Violence in King County (Feb. 2013)
    More than 33,000 people in the U.S. are killed by gun violence each year. In King County, the death toll from guns is more than 125 people a year. More people in King County die from gun violence than motor vehicle crashes.

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Public Health – Seattle & King County's Violence and Injury Prevention Unit plans, implements, and evaluates selected approaches to reduce injury-related death and serious injuries to ultimately improve the health of communities in Seattle and King County.

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