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2013 EMS Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

This year marks the sixth and final year of the current Medic One/EMS Strategic Plan and levy. As such, the 2013 annual report provides the ideal opportunity to review the achievements made over the past year as well as reflect on what the system has accomplished over the 2008-2013 levy span. A dominant theme these past six years is how best to fine-tune an already excellent system.

Past reports:
Other publications
  • Medic One/EMS 2014-2019 Strategic Plan
    The Medic One/EMS 2014-2019 Strategic Plan is the primary policy and financial document that will direct the Medic One/EMS system into the future. The Plan provides a general description of the programmatic services to be supported throughout the levy period, and a financial plan to implement the recommendations. As the result of a nine-month all-inclusive planning process, the Strategic Plan reflects the collaborative efforts from public and private regional partners, cities, the King County Executive and the EMS Division.

  • Medic One/EMS 2008-2013 Strategic Plan
    The Medic One/EMS 2008-2013 Strategic Plan is the primary policy and financial document that will direct the Medic One/EMS system into the future.  It details the system's current accomplishments, and recommends the necessary steps to ensure the system can meet tomorrow's commitments.

  • Financial Review & Compliance Audit of the 2011 Emergency Medical Services Levy
    The King County Auditor’s Office recently released its EMS levy Financial Review and Compliance audit. For the fourth year in a row, findings were positive. The Auditor reported that the financial operations continue to be managed in accordance with the EMS levy financial plan and policies. The Auditor’s mid-levy review confirmed that adequate funds will be available for the duration of the current levy, and reported that the EMS Division has made substantial progress in implementing the 2008 and 2009 EMS levy audit recommendations. Finally, the Auditor stated that the total BLS allocation provided to agencies was reasonable, but the method for distributing funds could be improved for greater equity and transparency. The County Executive concurred with the audit findings and recommendation.

  • EMS Newsletter for all EMS Stakeholders and interested parties

  • 2010 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Levy Financial and Compliance Audit
    The King County Auditor's office completed its 2011 review of the 2010 EMS financial practices and costs of EMS dispatch services provided primarily by two independently operated dispatch agencies. Results were again favorable and supportive, with the Auditor concluding that EMS financial operations were managed in accordance with the EMS Levy financial plan and policies, and that the EMS Division responded effectively to an unanticipated increase in dispatch costs with designated reserves in 2010, and establishing a reserve to cover costs for the remainder of the 2008 to 2013 levy period. Due to the complexity of the fee schedule and billings for one of the two primary dispatch agencies, however, the audit recommended that the EMS Division develop and implement policies to strengthen the accounting and transparency of the dispatch service costs.

  • 2009 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Levy Financial and Compliance Audit
    The King County Auditor's office recently completed its 2010 review of the King County EMS fund and Strategic Initiatives. Results were positive, with the Auditor concluding that the EMS fund was managed consistent with the financial policies, and that Strategic Initiatives were achieving the EMS objectives of improving patient care, managing the rate of growth on the system, and containing costs. Also recognized was that Strategic Initiatives not only conformed to best practices, but that select Initiatives were cited as best practices in the literature review.

  • South King County Medic One Feasibility Study, October 2004

  • 2008-2013 Medic One/Emergency Medical Services Strategic Plan

  • 2003 Supplemental Plan to the 2002 Strategic Plan Update

  • 2002 Strategic Plan Update of the 1998-2003 EMS Strategic Plan

  • EMS Levy Accomplishments: 2002-2007

  • EMS Reciprocity Requirements for King County and Washington State

  • EMT Basic: Washington State Specific Objectives
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