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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Farmers Market plan guide and food service permit application

If you are a farmer's market vendor selling produce in open-air markets or a market coordinator, download the items below as they pertain to your role.

Step 1 Farmers Market coordinator's information
List of responsibilities, fees, types of food served at Farmers Markets, FAQs and more
Step 2 Considerations for getting a temporary event food permit

Are you going to one market, or will you go to more than one market in a year?

If one market, you should purchase a single event permit.

  • Submit an application and receive a permit for each event
  • Receive an inspection for each permit

If more than one market, consider these options:

  • Minimal temporary food permit
    • May apply for the unlimited permit at any time
    • No location information required
    • No Certified Booth Operator required
    • Only prepackaged potentially hazardous foods are offered
      • All foods packaged
      • No sampling of unpackaged foods

  • Multiple permit package allows 5 permits for the price of 2
    • Requires a Certified Booth Operator (additional food safety education) in every booth using the multiple permit
    • Requires menu and location information for each market you attend
    • Will receive random inspections

  • Earn an unlimited permit package
    • Allows unlimited market attendance for the price of less than 3 single event permits
    • Must complete a multiple (5) permit package before obtaining an unlimited permit
    • Requires a Certified Booth Operator (additional food safety education) in every booth using the unlimited permit
    • Requires menu and location information for each event you attend
    • Will receive random inspections
What kind of food are you serving?

Three levels of permits based on how complex your food will be:

  • Minimal food handling
    Packaged potentially hazardous food made under permit; no handling of unpackaged food – no sampling

  • Moderate food handling – everything between minimal and complex food handling
    Potentially hazardous foods with moderate food handling or preparation; sampling potentially hazardous foods; reheating commercially made foods (USDA/WSDA) ; hot holding

  • Complex food handling
    Food cooked from raw animal products; serving raw animal products; cooling steps – any foods cooked and cooled in a prep-kitchen
Situations where you might not need a permit

Permit Type
Single Market Permit
Multiple (5) Market Permit
Unlimited Market Permit
Certified Booth Operator training

If you are seeking a multiple event permit early in 2016, we will allow you to purchase a multiple permit and have no Certified Booth Operator onsite up until February 29, 2016, to allow you to send staff to the class.

  • Multiple and unlimited permits require a certified booth operator in each booth at every event
  • Course fee is $95 per person
  • Certification lasts two years
  • Preregistration is required. Walk-ins will not be admitted to class.
  • To register for a class, please download the Certified Booth Operator Application form (fillable PDF format,) complete, and mail or bring to our offices
  • Current Tacoma-Pierce County Certified Booth Operator certifications are honored in King County

Course schedule (will be updated as courses are added):

Step 3 Farmers Market plan guide
Step 4 Farmers Market permit applications

After you submit your application, you will be contacted about the status of approval. If you would like a hard copy of the application mailed to you, please call us at 206-263-9566.