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Public Health - Seattle & King County

School District health profiles

The school district health profile is a public health report developed in collaboration with school districts. The Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) Profile Reports provide information on key student health indicators and their determinants. The purpose of the report is to inform school policy-makers and administrators, health and wellness planners, and the public about student health indicators at the district level. Each district’s Healthy Youth Survey Profile Report, includes six sections:

  • Demographics of survey respondents
  • Obesity, physical activity and dietary behavior
  • Mental health
  • Personal safety and violence
  • Alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and secondhand smoke exposure
  • Additional indicators (3) selected by each district

The school district reports will be released as they are completed and approved by the district Superintendent.

Click the school district name below for an individual report:

Additional school district reports will be posted as they become available. For notification of when additional school district reports become available, sign up to get alerts about new data and reports.

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Data source and technical notes.