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Public Health - Seattle & King County

City health profiles

A city health profile is a public health report that provides information on health indicators and their determinants.  The purpose of the report is to inform policy-makers, government agencies, and the public about population health at the local level.  In this series of city health profiles, King County is divided into 25 areas.  Some of these areas are a single city, some are a group of smaller cities, and some are unincorporated areas.  For each of the 25 areas, the report includes seven sections:

  • Demographics
  • General health status
  • Leading causes of death
  • Health risk factors and chronic diseases
  • Injury and violence-related mortality
  • Maternal and infant health
  • Access to care and preventive services

Click the city/area name below for an individual report:

For individual health indicators ranked by City/Area, please view King County Community Health Indicators.

For school district-level student health data, please view School District Health Profiles.