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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Data and reports

Providing regular, updated data on the health of King County's population is a core function of Public Health – Seattle & King County. Data is intended to inform the community, including policy makers, medical personnel, researchers, community-based organizations, government agencies and individuals to understand and respond to diseases, threats and underlying conditions impacting our health.
Current interest
  • The Impact of Firearms on King County's Children: 1999 - 2012
    Between 1999 and 2012, 68 King County children under the age of 18 died from gun violence, and another 125 children were injured and had to be hospitalized. All of these deaths and injuries were preventable. This report describes what we know about these tragic deaths with the aim of informing what we can do to prevent other children from needlessly dying by gun violence.

  • LawAtlasSM PolicyTracker: Interactive maps of local policies, policy reports, and policy data. Topics include: local tobacco policies in parks and colleges/universities. Coming soon: tobacco in K12, school wellness, marijuana and worksite wellness.

  • School district health profiles provide information on key student health indicators and their determinants including: demographics of survey respondents, obesity, physical activity and dietary behavior; mental health; personal safety and violence; alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and secondhand smoke exposure; additional indicators (3) selected by each school district.

  • Eliminating tobacco use on college campuses can go a long way to prevent students from starting to smoke and support students trying to quit smoking.
    See which colleges and universities in King County have tobacco-free policies.

  • How's your city doing to protect you from harmful tobacco in city parks? Ensuring our parks are tobacco-free helps create healthy community spaces and contributes to healthy norms in our community. See report to see which cities have tobacco-free policies.
Publication highlights
  • School District Health Profiles
    The purpose of these profiles is to inform school policy-makers and administrators, health and wellness planners, and the public about student health indicators at the district level.

  • City Health Profiles
    City health profiles provide information on health and determinants of health about the people living in an area of King County.

  • Community health data
    A set of indicators measuring the health of King County residents in an array of comprehensive, population-based data.

  • Maps for visual display of relevant population health data

  • Data Watch Report: Youth Consumption of Sugary Drinks in King County (September 2012)
    Sugary drinks are the largest single source of calories in the U.S. diet and account for almost half of all added sugars that Americans consume. The consumption of sugary drinks has been linked to risks for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. Because one in five youth in King County is overweight or obese, reducing the amount of sugary drinks young people consume is a key strategy for improving health.

  • Communities Count (external site)
    Communities Count is a public-private partnership that tracks social, economic, health, environmental, and cultural conditions important to King County residents. Charitable organizations, local and state government, service providers, and the public use the site’s qualitative and quantitative data to inform decisions in support of healthier King County communities.
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