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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Data and reports

Providing regular, updated data on the health of King County's population is a core function of Public Health – Seattle & King County. Data is intended to inform the community, including policy makers, medical personnel, researchers, community-based organizations, government agencies and individuals to understand and respond to diseases, threats and underlying conditions impacting our health.

Current interest
  • Marijuana Use in King County
    Just over 15% of King County public school teens taking the WA Healthy Youth Survey reported using marijuana or hashish in the past 30 days in 2014.

  • Affordable Care Act Enrollment in King County: Early General Population Impacts (PDF, Oct. 2015)
    First findings on Affordable Care Act impacts on uninsurance and health indicators for the general King County population. Technical appendix also available.

  • Health of Mothers and Infants by Race/Ethnicity (PowerPoint | PDF, Aug. 2015)
    Summary of key health conditions important for the health of mothers and infants in King County with focus on inequities by race/ethnicity.

  • Access to Health Care after the Affordable Care Act (PDF)
    With early successes in enrollment, King County's second step is to assure that improved access to health care leads to health equity, better health overall, and lower costs.

  • City & County Response to Marijuana Legalization in Washington: 2013-2014
    An analysis of WA state county and city policy responses to legalization of recreational marijuana and medical marijuana, including zoning, youth buffer zones, public use.

  • King County Hospitals for a Healthier Community (HHC)
    King County Hospitals for a Healthier Community (HHC) is a collaborative of 12 hospitals and health systems in King County and Public Health-Seattle & King County. HHC members have joined forces to identify the most important health needs and assets in the communities they serve and develop plans to address them.

  • King County Health Profile (PDF, 8.6Mb)
    The purpose of this report is to inform policy-makers, government agencies, and the public about geographic health disparity.

  • LawAtlasSM PolicyTracker
    Interactive maps of local policies, policy reports, and policy data. Topics include: local tobacco policies in parks and colleges/universities. Coming soon: tobacco in K12, school wellness, marijuana and worksite wellness.

Publication highlights
  • Behavioral Health in King County, May 2015
    This report reviews King County population-level data about behavioral health conditions and their select risk factors. Recognizing that there is a range of behavioral health symptoms, this report focuses primarily on serious mental health symptoms and excessive alcohol and drug use.

  • City Health Profiles
    City health profiles provide information on health and determinants of health about the people living in an area of King County.

  • School District Health Profiles
    The purpose of these profiles is to inform school policy-makers and administrators, health and wellness planners, and the public about student health indicators at the district level.

  • Community health data
    A set of indicators measuring the health of King County residents in an array of comprehensive, population-based data.

  • Health Data Newsletters
    Shaping our community with data with numerous topics.

  • Maps for visual display of relevant population health data

  • Communities Count (external site)
    Communities Count is a public-private partnership that tracks social, economic, health, environmental, and cultural conditions important to King County residents. Charitable organizations, local and state government, service providers, and the public use the site’s qualitative and quantitative data to inform decisions in support of healthier King County communities.
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