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VacScene Newsletter

The VacScene Newsletter is produced monthly to health care providers who use publicly funded vaccines for child immunizations. The purpose of this newsletter is to give you up-to-date information that is valuable to your practice.

The VacScene Newsletter features articles on funding changes for vaccines and immunization programs, news on new vaccines, descriptions of local services or educational programs, and reports of national initiatives. We will also include articles on clinical issues, schedule changes, research report updates, and suggestions on improving immunization levels. While we will focus mostly on child immunizations, we will also inform you of significant developments in adult immunizations.

January 2014

  • Flu season peaking—Keep vaccinating!
  • Clinical Immunization Q & A—Flu
  • Vaccine apps
  • VFC News: FluMist replacement program, vaccine ordering schedules/calendars, 2014 site visit planning, vaccine error reporting system
  • CDC immunization training

February 2014

  • 2014 childhood and adult immunization schedules now available
  • National call for providers to issue strong HPV vaccination recommendation
  • VFC News: Provider agreement renewal 2014

March 2014

  • Adult Vaccination Coverage Rates Remain Low
  • Clinical Immunization Q & A
  • Training Opportunities: Netconferences & Webinars
  • VFC NEWS: Single-Dose Ordering, Policy on Use of Multi-Dose Vials, Multi-Vaccine VIS
  • Rotavirus Administration Errors: A Summary of VAERS Reports

April/May 2014

  • VacScene News
  • Measles Activity Increasing
  • New Editions and Formats of Plain Talk about Childhood Immunizations Now Available
  • Laminated Cards Also Available
  • VFC NEWS: Monthly Inventory Reports, Rotarix Diluent Expiration, Shipping Change for Frozen Vaccine
  • Clinical Immunization Q & A
  • 2014 Childhood Immunization Advocate Award

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