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Public Health - Seattle & King County

For health care providers: Communicable diseases, epidemiology and immunization resources and guidelines

Current health advisories for King County health care providers
    • Please see an EV-D68 FAQ that we put together based on currently available information. Overall, asthma hospitalizations and respiratory in King County appear to be within expected levels based on ED admission surveillance. Only one HCF has reported a cluster of hospitalized respiratory disease cases that screened positive for enterovirus and are working with the HCF to investigate and test for EV-D68. No other HCF have reported suspicious activity.

    • At this time we do not have evidence of EV-D68 activity locally but it is certainly possible and we should be prepared for a brisk increase in respiratory illness cases if EV-D68 arrives. We suggest:
      • Hospitals should review surge staffing plans for pediatric respiratory cases.
      • Health care providers should take special efforts to ensure asthmatic patients are well managed and understand when to seek health care for exacerbations.

Key resources
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Disease reporting requirements for providers