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Public Health - Seattle & King County

History and background


The Seattle HIV/AIDS Planning Council was created by the King County Executive on August 11th, 1992. The Council was formed in response to the requirement of the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resource Emergency (CARE) Act, Title I.

The Planning Council today

The Planning Council prioritizes and allocates Ryan White Part A funding for services in King, Island and Snohomish counties.

Council composition

There are specific membership slots defined by the Ryan White legislation, including the requirement that 33% of members be unaligned people living with HIV who are consumers of services.

Planning Council duties

For Ryan White Part A care services funding, the Planning Council’s duties are to:

  • Assess King, Snohomish and Island County’s HIV/AIDS service needs
  • Establish priorities for the allocation of funds
  • Allocate funds to service categories
  • Develop a comprehensive care plan
  • Establish operations to make planning tasks function smoothly
  • Assess the efficiency of Public Health in rapidly allocating funds to areas of greatest need
  • Confirm that the services procured by Public Health fulfill the allocation plan created by the Council

The Council also allocates percentages of a community funding pool to services for each of the priority populations.

Planning Council meetings

The regular meeting time of the HIV/AIDS Planning Council is on the second Monday of each month from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Meetings are typically held at the 2100 Building, 2100 – 24th Avenue South. As meeting dates and locations are subject to change, interested persons should call 206-263-2030 to get information on upcoming meetings.