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HIV consumer awareness campaign

The Seattle Ryan White Part A Program conducts quarterly "consumer awareness campaigns" to improve the quality of care for people with HIV in King County. Each campaign targets an area of care or health outcome prioritized for improvement by the Part A Quality Management Advisory Committee. The campaigns include posters, information cards, and buttons that HIV providers wear to reinforce the message and encourage conversations with clients. Each campaign is available in English and Spanish. The campaigns are focus group-tested with people with HIV and vetted by HIV care providers. All Part A funded programs in King County participate in the campaigns, along with most private HIV care providers in King County, several Part B funded case management programs outside of King County, and all Part C HIV clinics throughout the State of Washington.

We are grateful to the Health Resources Services Administration for providing the funding to engage in quality improvement projects such as this, the Graphic Design Student Studio at the Art Institute of Seattle for developing the initial designs and concepts, and Jodie Eilers for ongoing graphic design. Results from the evaluation of this campaign will be posted.

The materials used in his campaign are available to anyone to download and print. Because the Part A program purchased certain image use rights for photographs used in this campaign, if you would like to modify the materials in any way, please contact the Part A Program for more information. In addition, as a courtesy, the Part A Program would appreciate knowing when these materials are used, as well as any feedback or outcomes that occur from their use. The person to contact in relation to this campaign is Shonita Savage, Quality Management Program Coordinator, at

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