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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Communicable disease prevention

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  • Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Immunization
    Includes a listing of the disease fact sheets, hot topics, publications, immunization clinics and how health care providers can report a disease to Public Health.
    • Epi-Log & VacScene: The Communicable Disease Prevention Quarterly
      Produced quarterly, the Epi-Log & VacScene Quarterly Newsletter contains articles about current health issues in King County, such as recent outbreaks, vaccination programs, cases of unusual infectious diseases, and background articles on new and emerging infectious diseases.

    The HIV/STD Program coordinates and collaborates with health care organizations, universities, community-based groups and other Public Health programs to provide essential prevention, research and care services.

  • Immunizations
    Provides accurate and science-based information on childhood, adult and travel immunizations, and list places in King County to receive immunizations.

  • Public Health Laboratory
    Public Health Laboratory assists in the prevention of communicable diseases by providing services to local area health care providers.

  • Stop Germs, Stay Healthy!
    "Stop Germs, Stay Healthy!" is a public education campaign by King County and Public Health - Seattle & King County that encourages and supports healthy behaviors that are effective in limiting the spread of respiratory illnesses such as colds and influenza.

  • Tuberculosis (TB)
    The TB clinic is mandated by Washington State law to perform public health functions related to surveillance, case finding, epidemiologic analysis, and contact tracing.