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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Current programs

Medicaid Asthma Home Visit Project, CDC Translational Grant and HomeBASE:
Currently in the analytical phase. No longer enrolling participants.

CDC translational grant
Medicaid Asthma Home Visit Project: Improving Health and Reducing Cost of Health Care for Children with Asthma


This is a grant-funded research project from the Centers for Disease Control. Its purpose is to help children with asthma. The goal of the study is to make the Healthy Homes Model available to all children. The focus of the CDC program is on low-income and minority children. These children are affected on a larger scale by asthma. Key stakeholders are: the clinics referring patients for home visits, health plans that might fund such programs and public health agencies that might provide home visits in the future, researchers who might evaluate the program and low-income families that have a child with asthma.

Target population
Incentives to participate
  • Household with a child age 3-17 years old
  • Diagnosed asthma that is poorly controlled
  • Enrolled in Medicaid
  • Health plan member of Community Health Plan of Washington or Molina
  • Primary language is English or Spanish
  • Live in King County, Washington
  • Primary caretaker has the mental and physical capacity to participate
  • A free HEPA vacuum
  • Allergen control bed covers
  • Food storage containers
  • Green cleaning kit
  • Spacer and peak flow meter
  • Medicine box
  • HEPA air filter for child where a smoker and pet are in the home
  • Gift cards for each complete research survey (Total $45)

Outcomes and future plans

We expect this research will improve the health of children with asthma. We hope to improve their lives by:

  • Increasing days without symptoms and by improving the quality of life for children and their caretakers.
  • Showing a new approach to asthma control. This could save money for the state Medicaid program and for other payers of health services.
  • Providing a model for improving asthma that could be shared across the state and nationally.
  • Stimulating economic activity by creating jobs for community health workers (CHW). The US Department of Labor has recently named CHWs as a distinct occupation. Hiring and using large numbers of CHWs would be a valuable economic stimulus for low income and minority communities.
  • Economic activity will also be increased by preventing missed work and school days.

Download the CDC translational grant tools and documents

Home-based education and support intervention for reducing asthma mortality

HomeBASE, is a research project funded by National Institutes of Health. The study is designed to assess the value of a home-based education and support intervention for reducing asthma mortality and urgent health service utilization among 420 low-income and ethnically diverse adults with asthma, ages 18-65 years in King County. Community health workers deliver the interventions. Eligible participants receive a basic medical assessment including home spirometry and optional skin testing at the University of Washington. They also receive a home environmental assessment to identify asthma triggers that can precipitate asthma attacks and are supplied with allergen impermeable bedding encasements, vacuums and cleaning kits as needed. These evaluations are followed up by three in-home visits. At each home visit an action plan is created to identify areas of change that will improve overall asthma control. Each participant is enrolled in the project for one year.

Download the HomeBASE tools and documents