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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN)

CSHCN is a Federally and State funded Title V Maternal-Child Health Bureau program offered through Public Health - Seattle & King County. The program provides:

  • linkage and coordination of services to all children with special needs
  • limited direct medical services, equipment and supplies to those families that meet financial and other program eligibility requirements
Who is eligible for services?
  • Children birth to 18 years of age
  • Children who are at increased risk of serious chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional conditions
  • Children who require health and related services of a type or amount beyond what is generally required
What are the services?

We offer Public Health Nurse Case Coordination services to families in King county regardless of income. There services are offered by home visits or telephone consultation.

A Children with Special Needs Public Health Nurse can:

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Help you with your child's changing needs
  • Provide screening and assessment of your child
  • Help with concerns such as feeding, nutrition, growth, development, and behavior
  • Refer to local community resources and organizations
  • Help locate financial assistance to pay for your child's health care
  • Help you organize services
  • Work with your child's health care and other service providers
  • Help with transition services, such as school, hospitals, clinic
  • Provide information about your child's condition
  • Help develop and maintain a network of services and providers
  • and more
How do I make a referral to the CSHCN program?

Referrals to our CSHCN program in King County, can be made by families, schools, medical & service providers, and other concerned people.

If you know of a child you think might benefit from our CSHCN program services, please call our office at: 206-296-4610 or complete a referral in a fillable PDF, print it out and FAX to the phone number at the top of the referral form.

Or contact us at:

Public Health - Seattle & King County
Children with Special Health Care Needs
401 5th Ave., Suite 1000
Seattle, WA 98104-2333

Click here to contact us by email. Please do not use the child's name when making inquiries via email.

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