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Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

Department of Community and Human Services

Behavioral Health and Recovery Division
Chinook Building
401 Fifth Ave., Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98104

Jim Vollendroff, Dir.
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Department: Community and Human Services
Adrienne Quinn, Director

Outpatient Treatment


The purpose of treatment is to help people with substance abuse problems learn about and understand their addiction, learn ways to live without using alcohol or drugs, and learn skills to stay away from substance abuse. Outpatient treatment takes about three to four months, but clients may stay in treatment longer, if needed.


Outpatient treatment provides counseling, including individual meetings with a counselor and group meetings that provide education and information about substance abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction. Counseling also includes learning about recovery, what recovery is and how to maintain recovery.  A counselor helps each client to develop their own recovery plan.


If the person wanting or needing treatment has insurance, can pay for treatment, or has medical coupons, they can go right to a treatment agency.

If the person does not have insurance, cannot afford to pay, or does not have medical coupons, they should go to the treatment program and ask for alcohol/drug treatment. The treatment program will either refer them to the local welfare/public assistance office to apply for medical coupons, or if available, discuss fee scale payment options.


To apply for medical coupons, contact the nearest Community Service Office of Washington State DSHS at 877-501-2233 or go to do I qualify? for additional information.