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Children's Long-term Inpatient Program (CLIP)

Children's Long-term Inpatient Programs (CLIP) are for children up to age 17 who have a severe psychiatric illness that warrants intensive services in an inpatient (hospital) setting. CLIP is accessible through a voluntary application process or through an involuntary commitment (ITA) for 180 days or more of inpatient treatment.

Voluntary Application and Certification

The King County Mental Health Program reviews all voluntary CLIP applications. Voluntary applicants or their guardian(s) must be residents of the state of Washington.

The Interagency Staffing Teams (IST) are the King County designated agents for CLIP applications. The IST refers children to the CLIP Administration only after consideration and approval of the application at the local level.

Application requirements are comprehensive and include records that document the child's inpatient and outpatient treatment, any out-of-home placements, school history and any other services the child may have received.

The CLIP Administration compiles a written summary that is submitted to the CLIP Certification Team for review. Based on the materials provided, the CLIP Certification Team determines whether an individual applicant meets Medicaid medical necessity criteria. If the CLIP Certification Team approves the application, the child's name is placed on the statewide waiting list until a bed becomes available at the most appropriate CLIP Program.

Involuntary Commitment (ITA) 180-day Restrictive Orders for Inpatient Treatment

Under Washington State's juvenile mental health services law (RCW 71.34), adolescents aged 13-17 may be committed for up to 180 days of involuntary inpatient psychiatric treatment. Under this 180-day restrictive court order, the adolescent becomes eligible for admission to a CLIP Program. The adolescent's name is placed on the statewide waiting list as of the date of the 180-day Restrictive ITA order.

The CLIP Administration's Placement Team is legally authorized to assign committed adolescents to one of the four CLIP Programs. The assignment is based on preferences expressed by family members, community team members and by professionals directly involved in the adolescent's care. The location of the adolescent's supports and the availability of beds within the CLIP Programs also influence the assignment. Once admitted to a CLIP Program, the adolescent may agree at any time to remain as a voluntary patient.

More information on Children's Long-term Inpatient Program

To apply for admission to a CLIP program from King County, please contact the regional Interagency Staffing Team Coordinator at:

Sound Mental Health (Metropolitan Seattle and the Eastside)

1600 East Olive Street
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 302-2200

Valley Cities Counseling and Consultation (South King County)

2705 "I" Street NE
Auburn, WA 98002
(206) 854-0066