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Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

Department of Community and Human Services

Behavioral Health and Recovery Division
Chinook Building
401 Fifth Ave., Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98104

Jim Vollendroff, Dir.
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Department: Community and Human Services
Adrienne Quinn, Director

Getting your Needs Met

You may have the following questions about getting your needs met:

King County Mental Health Plan (MHP)

Knowing what is available can help you know what to ask for. King County has a brochure that describes:

  • the mental health system and the services available in King County
  • how to find services and the name and address of the mental health agencies in King County
  • Client rights

The web page "Services and Financial Assistance" can help you understand the services offered and what assistance might be available.

What do I do if I have problems with the mental health system?

To be an advocate is to speak up for someone, to be their supporter in helping them to get their needs met. Self-advocacy means to speak up for yourself. This can be challenging for anyone.

Knowing how to advocate for yourself might be helpful to you in your own recovery. Let your mental health worker know if you would like to add learning to advocate for yourself to your recovery plan.

Learn more about how to advocate for yourself.

Getting help solving problems

Everyone sometimes needs help.  There is assistance available to help you advocate for yourself or if needed, to advocate for you.


If you are not getting your needs met, or have a complaint about your services, a Mental Health Ombudsperson for King County can help you advocate for yourself and will investigate if there are complaints or grievances. Find out more about King County Mental Health Ombuds Services.

Mental Health Plan Customer Service from King County

The King County Mental Health Plan also has a Client Services Specialist. The Client Services Specialist can assist you if you are having problems getting an appointment, or starting services, or if you have a complaint about the services you receive. Call 1-800-790-8049, press "2" and ask for Client Services.

Help from Your Provider

Some of the mental health agencies have a Client Advocate available within the agency to help clients advocate for themselves. Ask your provider for help.

Other Places to Get Help

 Another resource is the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). All of the NAMI groups are organizations including people who have mental illnesses, family members, friends and professionals, all working to ensure everyone gets the best services possible to help them recover.

There are three NAMI groups in King County. They have information and referrals, support groups and other information on their websites. They will also help you advocate for yourself if you need help.