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Developmental Disabilities Division

Department of Community and Human Services

Developmental Disabilities Division

Chinook Building
401 Fifth Avenue, Suite 520
Seattle, WA  98104
Phone: 206-263-9055
Fax: 206-205-1632
TTY: 711 Relay Service

Department: Community and Human Services
Adrienne Quinn, Director

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Welcome to King County Developmental Disabilities Division 


The King County Developmental Disabilities Division provides a full range of services and supports that assist King County residents with developmental disabilities and their families to lead full, active, integrated, and productive lives in their communities. Services begin at birth and last throughout an individual’s life. The services include early intervention supports for birth-to-three year old children with developmental delays and their families, employment services for high school transition students and adults, housing services, community integration services for individuals to learn how to actively and independently engage their local communities, community information and education services, and in-home behavior support services.

We are one of three divisions that make up the King County
Department of Community and Human Services.

Denise Rothleutner
Division Director