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Office of Executive Constantine

Working toward fairness and opportunity for all

Tools and resources

The Equity Team has developed a variety of tools and resources to help departments and agencies increase equity and social justice work, both in our community and within the services King County Government provides.

Community engagement

The Community Engagement Guide promotes effective engagement and customer service with all county communities. Engagement activities include a range of approaches from informing residents to community-led efforts. Community engagement should offer opportunities for people to express their views and have a meaningful role in decision-making. Read the guide or view the Community Engagement Worksheet

Impact review

The Equity Impact Review (EIR) tool is a process and a tool to identify, evaluate, and communicate the potential impact - both positive and negative - of a policy or program on equity. Download the tool and view examples of using the EIR tool.

Translation and interpretation

Learn how to do translations and interpretations in order to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse communities. This webpage includes resources such as translation and interpretation vendors, language maps, tiers of top languages, translation manual, sign language and more.

Procurement reform

Executive Constantine is leading an effort to make it easier to do business with King County, including streamlining forms, speeding up construction projects and reducing cycle time. Learn more about procurement with the county.


King County has created a series of maps that show key demographic features of the county related to equity: income, race/ethnicity, and languages spoken. These maps are intended to be used by county staff for community engagement, program planning, and equity analyses. These maps are also meant to help other jurisdictions and members of the community better understand the county's population.

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