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Office of Executive Constantine

Working toward fairness and opportunity for all
Fair and Just.
These principles, stated in our county's strategic plan, are incorporated into all of our work at King County. We recognize that our economy and quality of life depends on the ability of everyone to contribute. We will work to remove barriers that limit the ability of some to fulfill their potential. It is troubling that race, income, neighborhood are each major predictors of whether we graduate from high school, become incarcerated, how healthy we are, and even how long we will live. We are committed to implementing our equity and social justice agenda, to work toward fairness and opportunity for all.

Building equity and opportunity
In his State of the County speech in February 2014, King County Executive Dow Constantine addressed what he called “the great generational challenges of our time” -- building equity in our community, and confronting climate change.

The Executive said King County's ability to remain prosperous depends on everyone being able to each his or her full potential. He set an agenda to address the factors that determine equity, including transformation of the delivery of health and human services; a focus on early learning; partnerships for affordable housing and rapid re-housing of the homeless; safe streets and safe communities; job opportunity; and transportation choices.

You can watch a video of the speech. More resources and information include:

A new infographic on building equity and opportunity in King County
The Executive's policy brief on King County's efforts to build a shared and sustainable prosperity



    King County serves all residents by promoting fairness and opportunity and eliminating inequities.. Learn more...

    Tools and Resources

    Tools & resources

    The Equity Impact Review Tool, the Community Engagement Guide and the Translation Executive Order are some of the tools to identify equity impacts of programs, policies and decision and to improve fairness. Learn more...



    The Inter-Branch Team, with representation from all branches, departments, agencies and offices of county government, facilitates accountability and collaboration in order to advance the "fair and just" principle within the county. Learn more...

    Our work in action

    Our work in action

    For the past several years, ESJ has helped to shape and change policy, outreach, communications and planning in King County government. Learn more...

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This forum with King County Executive Dow Constantine and Maya Wiley from the Center for Social Inclusion and King County employees focused on the role of race in America today and solutions that work for everybody.
See Maya Wiley's presentation.

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