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King County Strategic Plan

On July 26th the King County Council unanimously approved legislation adopting the “King County Strategic Plan, 2010–2014: Working Together for One King County.” The plan was created with input from thousands of residents and county employees over a period of 18 months and was developed in collaboration with council and the county’s separately elected officials. It is a key tool in the Executive’s work to reform county government by focusing on customer service, partnerships and ways to bring down the cost of government.

What comes next? In many ways, the work is just beginning. The Executive will be working with his staff and those of departments and agencies to begin implementing the plan and measuring our performance on the goals and objectives contained within. As is required in the legislation passed by Council, King County’s separately elected officials will meet at least twice annually to review progress and performance on the plan and set priorities.

Priorities for Year One:

  1. Set standards and expectations for the immediate improvement of customer service
  2. Build Lasting regional partnerships
  3. Stabilize the long-term structural budget problem by clearly defining King County service levels and giving voters choices.
  4. Build a culture of performance
  5. Empower our workforce and work together as one King County

Goals for what King County will do:

  • Justice and Safety. Support safe communities and accessible justice systems for all.
  • Health and Human Potential. Provide equitable opportunities for all individuals to realize their full potential.
  • Economic Growth and Built Environment. Encourage a growing and diverse King County economy and vibrant, thriving and sustainable communities.
  • Environmental Sustainability. Safeguard and enhance King County’s natural resources and environment.

Goals for how County will do them:

  • Service Excellence. Establish a culture of customer service and deliver services that are responsive to community needs.
  • Financial Stewardship. Exercise sound financial management and build King County’s long-term fiscal strength.
  • Public Engagement. Promote robust public engagement that informs, involves, and empowers people and communities.
  • Quality Workforce. Develop and empower King County government’s most valuable asset, our employees.


King County Strategic Plan (PDF)


King County Strategic Plan - Initial Implementation Plan (PDF)


King County Strategic Plan - New Overview (PDF)


King County Strategic Plan - Executive Priorities Action (PDF)


In November 2008, the county council directed the Executive to write a countywide plan based on the values and priorities of county residents. (Ordinance 16202: 2008 Performance and Accountability Act). The input from residents will give elected leaders an idea of resident priorities and how policies might be adjusted or created based on that feedback. A draft of the plan is due to the King County Council by December 15th, 2009, and a final plan must be complete by May 1, 2010.



For more information, please contact:

Michael Jacobson, Section Manager 

Performance Management Section 

King County Strategic Planning and Performance Management 

(206) 263-9622