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The King County Benchmark Program is not currently being updated with new data.  The program is being revised to align with the newly updated King County Countywide Planning Policies.  Updates of our progress in revising the Benchmark Program will be provided here.

King County Benchmark Program

About this website

King County Benchmark Program

This website is designed to provide information to the public and to policy makers about key indicators of progress toward our countywide growth management goals. It is organized around five policy areas:

Each policy area features a main page with a diagram displaying its relevant outcomes and indicators. Indicator pages include information about the indicator, key findings and trends, technical notes, and thumbnail links to data tables and charts.

Indicator data were provided by a number of sources; data collection, methodology, and reporting frequency vary. Historical information is included where available, though reporting years vary. The technical notes section on each page includes any relevant information on data collection and analysis for each indicator.

What is an indicator?

The indicators reported on this site broadly reflect the condition of the community or the environment. Indicators are influenced by many factors and reflect the combined efforts of multiple jurisdictions and organizations. Any single jurisdiction by itself has little control over the status of indicators. As such, specific targets are typically not set for indicators. Given the broader context, overall trends are more relevant than meeting a specific target.

Program history

In 1990, the Washington State Legislature passed the Growth Management Act (GMA). For the first time in the state's history, all urban counties and their cities were required to develop and adopt comprehensive land use plans and regulations to implement the plans. To achieve a coordinated plan across King County's jurisdictions, GMA further required that King County and its cities develop framework policies - the King County Countywide Planning Policies (CPPs) - to guide the development of the jurisdictions' plans.

The Growth Management Planning Council (GMPC) formed to define and refine the CPPs. The original CPPs were adopted by the Metropolitan King County Council and ratified by the cities in 1994.  The CPPs have since undergone a major update to ensure consistency with current state law and state agency guidance; align with the newly adopted regional growth strategy found in VISION 2040; and modernize the CPP narrative to reflect the ongoing and evolving implementation of the Growth Management Act.  The revised policies were adopted and ratified by the cities in 2013.

GMA further required the establishment of a monitoring program to track the progress of the county's CPPs. As a result of this mandate, the GMPC established the King County Benchmark Program in 1995.

Benchmark Program outcomes and indicators were developed with stakeholder input. In 1995, the GMPC appointed the Benchmark Task Force - including a diverse membership of elected officials, labor, social service organizations, business, and community non-profit organizations - to draft indicators for monitoring and assessing progress on countywide planning policies. Through a series of workshops, this group eventually decided upon 45 indicators that collectively articulate the impact of land use and development policies and practices on our natural, built, and social environment. These 45 indicators provide the framework for the Benchmark Program.

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Performance, Strategy and Budget

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