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Performance, Strategy and Budget

Office of the Executive

Mailling Address:

Performance, Strategy and Budget
Chinook Office Building
401 Fifth Ave, Suite 810
Seattle, WA 98104

Phone:  (206) 263-9083
Fax:  (206) 263-3462
TTY Relay: 711


Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget (PSB) within the King County Executive Offices integrates strategic planning, budgeting, financial oversight, and performance measurement to support implementation of the King County Strategic Plan.

The key functions of PSB:

Performance and Strategy

Staff in the Performance and Strategy section works to improve performance, accountability, and transparency in every county agency and department.  Staff information for the public on county government performance and help county agencies and departments develop and implement performance management systems.  They link new initiatives and policy directions to program and service delivery by departments and agencies.

Budget and Business Planning

The Budget staff develops, coordinates and monitors county agency operating and capital budgets and provides management and strategic direction to carry out the policies and initiatives established by the King County Executive.

Lean Continuous Improvement

Lean methods for continuous improvement are delivering results for King County citizens.  Lean's emphasis on improving work processes by relying on the insights of the people doing the work has made for better services, more empowered and productive employees, and increased efficiency, including some financial savings.


Dwight Dively, Director
Performance, Strategy and Budget
Phone: (206) 263-9687

Jonathan Swift, Deputy Director for Budget and Business Planning
Performance, Strategy and Budget
Phone: (206) 263-9699

Michael Jacobson, Deputy Director for Performance and Strategy
Performance, Strategy and Budget
Phone: (206) 263-9622

Jim Chrisinger, Deputy Director of Continuous Improvement
Performance, Strategy and Budget
Phone: (206) 263-9682


2015/2016 Proposed Biennial Budget

2015/2016 Biennial Budget
Executive Summary


2015/2016 Capital Projects Appendix


The King County Strategic Plan