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Wastewater Treatment

King County, Washington

For questions about the Wastewater Treatment Division website, please send an e-mail message or contact us at:

King Street Center
201 S. Jackson St., Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98104-3855
Phone: 206-477-5371
Fax: 206-684-1741
Telecommunication device for the deaf (TTY): 711

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Only 1 percent of water on earth is fresh and available

Find out how you can help save water!

You are the solution to saving water

The water you use everyday has to be shared by fish, ecosystems, farms, industry, electricity production and personal use. In the northwest we have the problem of too much water or not enough depending on the time of year. Click on different blue images in the picture to find out how you can use less and waste less water!

You can help conserve water

Rain catchment systems: support low impact development.
Sustainable infrastructure

Use commercial car washes or the grass.
Use commercial car washes

Wash full loads of dishes; choose efficient settings.
Wash full loads

Install drip irrigation to directly water plant roots.
Install drip irrigation

Turn off faucets. Collect excess water in a bucket.
Turn off faucets

Fix leaks; monitor meters for water use.
Fix leaks

Compost: healthy soil retains more water.
Use compost

Wash full loads of laundry; wear clothes until dirty.
Wash full loads

Choose lower flow toilets or reduce tank volume.
Choose low flow

Collect rain water to irrigate during summer.
Collect water to

Install low-flow fixtures.
Install low flow

Support use of reclaimed water in place of fresh water
reclaimed water

Reduce energy and water needs; compost food waste
Minimize garbage disposal use


Use commercial car washes or wash your vehicle on the grass.Only run full loads Only run full loadsInstall low flow fixturesUse compostInstall drip irrigationCollect water to irrigateSupport sustainable infrastructureSupport sustainable infrastructureSupport sustainable infrastructureSupport sustainable infrastructureSupport sustainable infrastructureSupport sustainable infrastructureReclaimed waterGarbage disposal useTurn off faucetsCollect waterSupport sustainable infrastructure