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Wastewater Treatment

King County, Washington

For questions about the Wastewater Treatment Division website, please send an e-mail message or contact us at:

King Street Center
201 S. Jackson St., Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98104-3855
Phone: 206-477-5371
Fax: 206-684-1741
Telecommunication device for the deaf (TTY): 711

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Only 1 percent of water on earth is fresh and available

Find out how you can help keep water clean!

You are the solution to keeping water clean

All the water from houses and buildings will end up in the Puget Sound after passing through a treatment plant. All water that enters storm drains will also end up in the Puget Sound. Click on the "hotspots" in the picture to find out how you can help keep water clean and prevent pollution!

Keep water clean


Keep cars maintained; fix leaks
Keep your car maintained

Put trash in a trash can, not the toilet
Put trash in a trash can

Pick up pet waste and throw in trashcan
Pick up pet waste

Choose natural, simple products. Avoid fragrances, phosphorous and chemicals.
Choose natural, Simple products

Reduce fertilizers and pesticides: choose natural yard care.
Choose natural lawn care

Choose to walk, bike, bus or carpool.
Walk, bike, bus,
or carpool

Use commercial car washes or the grass.
Use commercial car washes 

Return medicines to a pharmacy or put in a trash can.
Properly dispose of medicine

Take hazardous waste to a disposal facility.
Hazardous waste

Grease clogs drains
Minimize garbage disposal use 

Pick up pet waste Put trash in the trash can, not the toilet Prevent kitchen sink clogs dispose of hazardous waste choose natural yard care keep your car maintained use a commercial car wash take the bus, bike, walk, or carpool choose natural yard care Use natural simple products Choose to walk, bike, bus, or carpool