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South Magnolia CSO Control Project

Project Construction

February 2, 2015, Update

Work on King County's Magnolia Wet Weather Storage Facility at Smith Cove is nearing completion! Testing is finished, and the project's 1.5-million-gallon underground tank is now storing excess flows of stormwater and sewage from our recent heavy rains to reduce untreated overflows to Puget Sound.

Wet Weather Storage Facility at Smith Cove
Crews are now putting finishing touches on the above ground equipment building including remaining roof and soffit panels. Concrete driveways have been poured and work is focusing on planting shrubs, landscaping and testing the irrigation system. The site fencing and gates are also being installed.

King County's contractor, Stellar J Construction, is removing equipment, supplies and remaining trailers from the site with work expected to wrap up in the coming days.

Construction photos: gravity sewer pipeline and storage tank

Project area for the South Magnolia CSO control project elements (diversion structure, gravity sewer, storage tank)
South Magnolia CSO basin project area
How will the new CSO facility work? View animation.

Project vicinity map
South Magnolia basin and project location.

Young bald eagle
Young bald eagles appear larger and darker than their white-headed parents.

Project description

Storage tank concrete base and sewer pipeline installation complete!

King County is constructing a new combined sewer overflow (CSO) control facility in Magnolia to reduce overflows of untreated stormwater and wastewater into Puget Sound during heavy rains. At the end of 2014, King County’s contractors completed two important milestones. Stellar J Corporation successfully carried out a continuous concrete pour to install a 12-foot thick concrete base slab for the 1.5 million gallon underground storage tank.

The second component of this facility is a new gravity sewer pipeline. Walsh Construction and Mears Group, Inc. completed the final step in the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) process, pulling almost 3,000 feet of pipeline through a borehole extending from 32nd Avenue West to an exit pit on 23rd Avenue West. During wet weather, stormwater and sewage will be diverted through this pipeline to the newly constructed underground storage tank across from Smith Cove Park.

Why does King County need to do this project?

This project is part of a long-term King County plan to help protect Puget Sound and reduce the number of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) in local waterways. In 2013, King County reported a long term average of 22.7 overflows per year from the Magnolia Outfall. The new CSO Control Facility is designed to reduce overflows to Elliott Bay to no more than one per year on a long-term average. The project is included in a federal consent decree that requires completion by December 2015.

What is the schedule for this project?

Planning and design for this project took place from 2007 to 2013. Construction began in 2014 and is scheduled for completion in 2015.

South Magnolia CSO Control Project Timeline, May 2013
View South Magnolia CSO Control Project Timeline (PDF), updated May 2013.

Update on the Magnolia eagles

In recent months, area neighbors have reported sightings of bald eagles that built a nest in Magnolia Boulevard Park above 32nd Avenue West. We are monitoring the eagles until August, when work at the site will be complete. Work activities must adhere to seasonal restrictions to create the least disturbance for the birds. For more information, view the Fall 2014 Newsletter (PDF) or contact

Hotline - South Magnolia CSO Control Project

24/7 Construction Hotline: 206-205-0968

Leave a message, and a project team member will return your call.
Project contact: Monica Van der Vieren, 206-477-5502, or via feedback form.

Construction photos

Gravity sewer pipeline photo album in Flickr
Gravity sewer pipeline

Storage tank photo album in Flickr
Storage tank

Project updates and news releases

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