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Wastewater Treatment

King County, Washington

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North Beach CSO Control Project

Project Construction

July 2014 Project Update

King County’s North Beach CSO Control Project is getting ready to begin shoring and excavation for the new underground storage tank. As part of this work, we are working with utility partners to complete utility relocations.

On July 30, 2014, a power outage will occur in part of the North Beach/Blue Ridge area in order to move underground power lines. The outage will begin at 9:00 a.m. and last for about 10 hours.

Seattle City Light will notify affected residents by mail in the next couple days, and provide helpful tips for residents whose homes will be affected by this outage. If you do not receive a notice, your property is not included in the outage area.

The North Beach Pump Station will operate on backup generator during this time. The diesel generator may produce some exhaust during this time. Please call the project hotline at 206-296-7372 if you have any concerns about the pump station or generator operation.

King County is prepared for a power outage - are you?

While the July 30 outage is planned and City Light can provide advance notice, outages can occur unexpectedly during severe storms or unanticipated damage to power lines.  While crews work hard to restore power when unplanned outages occur, you can take measures to take care of yourself, your home, your family, and pets when the power is out. City Light offers a wealth of resources so that residents can prepare for and weather unanticipated power outages at

Intersection to remain closed

Intersection closure area in orange. Traffic pattern on NW 100th Street and NW Neptune Place.
King County, the Seattle Department of Transportation, and the County’s contractor have worked together to find an option for uninterrupted work in the right-of-way on the North Beach CSO Control Project. The street will remain closed until early 2015, when a temporary reopening is scheduled for three months. Learn more on the Work in the right-of-way page. 

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• Work on King County’s property
• Traffic control

Project vicinity map
Project vicinity

North Beach Pump Station
North Beach Pump Station, located on King County property next to Blue Ridge Park, is built on the footprint of the former City of Seattle treatment plant.

Project description

King County is designing and building an underground storage tank in the right-of-way in N.W. Blue Ridge Drive and Triton Drive N.W. This facility will be able to store to 380,000 gallons of untreated water during peak flows when the North Beach Pump Station reaches maximum capacity.

Learn more about the project area and elements.

Why does King County need to do this project?

In 2008, King County reported that the North Beach combined sewer overflow facility had 10 overflows per year on average that discharge a total of 2.2 million gallons into Puget Sound off North Beach. At North Beach, King County is working to meet current regulations set by the Washington Department of Ecology require no more than one untreated discharge per year on a long term average.

Construction schedule

This construction schedule is proposed and subject to change. Detailed construction schedules are being developed by King County’s contractor for the project, Stellar J Corporation.

Project schedule
Project newsletter
 (PDF), Spring 2014

Understanding the sewer system in North Beach

The North Beach Pump Station has provided wastewater service for the area since 1962 by collecting flows from the City of Seattle’s local sewer system. These flows are conveyed to the Carkeek Wet Weather Facility where they are either pumped to the county’s West Point Treatment Plant or, in large storm events, treated on site. The North Beach Pump Station is built on the footprint of what was once a City of Seattle treatment plant. The walls and foundation are from the original treatment plant.

Learn more: download Understanding the sewer system in North Beach, Winter 2014

Did you know?

  • The North Beach Pump Station is built on the footprint of what was once a City of Seattle treatment plant. The walls and foundation are from the original treatment plant.
  • When Metro was created by voters in 1958 to provide regional wastewater conveyance and treatment, local treatment facilities like the one in North Beach were considered for conversion to pump stations to bring flows to regional treatment facilities.
  • The current service area for the North Beach Pump Station is 633 acres. Wastewater from additional areas within Blue Ridge are conveyed by gravity to the North Beach force main, where they combine with pumped flows to the Carkeek Wet Weather Facility.
  • The North Beach Pump Station is largely built underground with access hatches and ventilation equipment above ground. Four pumps are used to convey up to 3 million gallons per day (mgd) of wastewater to Carkeek.
  • The CSO facilities include a deepwater outfall upgraded in the 1970’s from the outfall that served the original treatment facility. Discharge to a second outfall, which usually conveys stormwater, helps to prevent backups into homes in large storms.
  • The new CSO facility will introduce odor control at the North Beach site. Currently there is no odor control associated with the North Beach Pump Station. King County has not received odor complaints about this facility.

North Beach CSO Control Project construction hotline
24/7 Construction Hotline: 206-296-7372
Leave a message, and a project team member will return your call.
Project contact: Monica Van der Vieren, 206-477-5502, or via feedback form.

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