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Wastewater Treatment

King County, Washington

For questions about the Wastewater Treatment Division website, please send an e-mail message or contact us at:

King Street Center
201 S. Jackson St., Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98104-3855
Phone: 206-477-5371
Fax: 206-684-1741
Telecommunication device for the deaf (TTY): 711

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Staff Contacts

WTD Managers and program contacts

The following list links to the King County Online Directory, which is maintained by agency administrative staff. If you need help locating a staff person responsible for a WTD program or service, please contact the WTD receptionist (5th floor, King Street Center) at 206-477-5371 or send us an e-mail message.

WTD Section
(Group Detail)

Manager & Key Contacts
(Employee Detail)

Director's Office
Office includes:  
-- Local agency affairs
-- Office of Sustainability and Innovation
-- Safety and Training
-- Special Projects

Mark Isaacson, Division Director
Gunars Sreibers, Division Director (acting)
Sandra Kilroy, Chief Officer of Strategy, Sustainability & Performance; Assistant Division Director (acting)
Sharman Herrin, Government Relations Administrator
Monica Van der Vieren, Media Relations (acting)
Jim Faccone, Safety and Health Supervisor
Elizabeth Milestone, Human Resources Supervisor

Finance and Administration
Section includes:
-- Financial Services 
-- Information Systems Services
-- Capacity Charge Program
-- Rate Development

Tim Aratani, Section Manager
Eunice Verstegen, Capacity Charge Operations Supervisor
Tom Lienesch, Capital and Analysis Supervisor
Max Foster, Operating and Finance Supervisor

Environmental and Community Services
Section includes:
-- Regulatory Compliance and Land Acquisition 
-- Community Services and Environmental Planning
-- Industrial Waste (IW) Program

Chris Townsend, Section Manager
Despina Strong, Industrial Waste Program Supervisor
Bill Wilbert, Regulatory Compliance and Land Acquisition Services Supervisor
Katherine Fischer, Community Services and Environmental Planning Supervisor
Jeff Stern, Sediment Management Lead
Jeff Lafer, NPDES Administrator
Susan Tallarico, Brightwater Center Director

Project Planning and Delivery
Section includes:
-- Conveyance
-- Program Management
-- Project Control
-- Construction Management
-- Engineering
-- Inspections and Scheduling
-- Program Implementation
-- East Satellite Construction Office
-- North Satellite Construction Office

Kathy Loland, Section Manager
Rick Renaud, Construction Management Unit Manager
Mark Buscher, Planning Inspection Modeling Monitoring and Mapping Unit Manager (acting)
Lisa Taylor, Project Control and Contract Management Unit Manager
Joe Barnett, Project Management Unit Manager
Dirk Apgar, Mechanical Engineering & Technical Staff Lead
Mark Lampard, Local Public Agency (LPA) Coordinator

Stewardship & Sustainable Resources (formerly Resource Recovery)
-- Reclaimed Water
-- Biosolids
-- Brightwater Center

Chris Townsend, Section Manager (acting)
Rebecca Singer, Biosolids Program Supervisor
Kristina Westbrook, Reclaimed Water Program Lead
Susan Tallarico, Brightwater Center Director

Operations and Maintenance 

East Operations
(South Treatment Plant and conveyance system, including Brightwater, Carnation and Vashon Treatment Plants)
Section includes:
-- Shift Operations
-- Day Operations
-- Building and Grounds
-- Electrical/instrumentation
-- Mechanical
-- Off-Site Facilities
-- Process Control

West Operations
(West Point Treatment Plant and conveyance system)
Section includes:
-- Shift Operations
-- Day Operations
-- Building and Grounds
-- Electrical/instrumentation
-- Mechanical
-- Off-Site Facilities
-- Process Control

Robert Waddle, Section Manager

South Treatment Plant 
Mike Wohlfert, Assistant Manager
Administration: 206-263-1810
Main Control: 206-263-1760
Odor Control Hotline: 206-263-1760

West Point Treatment Plant
Al Williamson, Assistant Manager
Administration: 206-263-3800
Main Control: 206-263-3801
Odor Control Hotline: 206-263-3801

Brightwater Treatment Plant 
Bruce Kessler, Assistant Manager
Main Control: 206-263-3800
Odor Control Hotline: 206-263-9500

Vashon Treatment Plant
Greg Burnham, Plant Operator
Main Control: 206-463-7318
Odor Control Hotline: 206-263-1760

Carnation Treatment Plant
Main Control at South Treatment Plant, Renton: 206-263-1760
Odor Control Hotline: 206-263-1760