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Sustainable agriculture in King County, Washington

Construction of farm pads on Snoqualmie Valley farms

Notice of determination of non-significance under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

King County proposes to reduce flood losses on farms in the Snoqualmie Valley floodplain through the construction of farm pads on existing farms that are within the one hundred year floodplain of the Snoqualmie River and within or adjacent to the designated Snoqualmie Agricultural Production District.   The purpose of the project is to allow, on individual farms that are below the base flood elevation, an area of high ground above the base flood elevation to protect animals, equipment, and farm products.

The number and size of farm pads to be allowed will be constrained by the ability of proposed farm pads to meet the applicable compensatory storage and conveyance standards and other environmental regulations.

King County will conduct an analysis of potential upstream and downstream flood impacts for each proposed farm pad, and will not permit any pad that would result in a detectable flood level rise. Because of the similarity of possible impacts from the construction of these pads, their limited size, and the limited geographic area, King County Water and Land Resources Division is analyzing these similar actions in a single checklist, as allowed in WAC 197-11-060, 3, c., and is addressing them together in this determination.  We intend that this programmatic SEPA process will cover applications for farm pad proposals received in 2009 and in future years.

SEPA documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat format for review.  For help using this format, please see our software help page.

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