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Stormwater services

Managing stormwater and waterborne pollution

Find comprehensive services, data and information related to stormwater and non-point source pollution in King County, Washington.

To offer a suggestion or report an error on the King County stormwater services and information website, please contact Fred Bentler, webmaster.

Stormwater Services and Information for King County, Washington

2005 King County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Manual (SPPM)

This manual has been replaced by the 2009 SPPM published on January 9, 2009.

Pursuant to King County Council adoption of the Stormwater Ordinance (No. 15052), the Department of Natural Resources and Parks is in the process of adopting the King County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Manual Update by public rule in accordance with King County Code, Chapter 2.98, Rules of County Agencies. This public rule became effective on January 24, 2005.

This manual updates and replaces the 1995 Stormwater Pollution Control Manual.

Files are available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Document Cover

Foreward and Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Overview

Chapter 2 Stormwater Problems: Your Role

Matrix - Potential Pollutants and Impacts Associated With Activities

Chapter 3 Best Management Practices

BMP Activity Worksheet

BMP Activity Sheets

Chapter 4 Residential Best Management Practices

Chapter 5 BMP Information Sheets

Chapter 6 Technical Assistance

If you have questions about the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Manual, please contact Doug Navetski.

For questions about the Stormwater Web Site, please contact Dale Nelson,Engineer II, King County Stormwater Services Section.