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Natural resource lands

Working and ecological lands in King County, Washington

Find plans, maps and other reference information related to natural lands in King County, Washington.

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Natural Resource Lands in King County, Washington

Moss Lake Natural Area
Site Management Guidelines

Moss Lake Location MapMoss Lake Natural Area is a King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP) Ecological Land. The site is located 5 miles southeast of Duvall, 3.5 miles northeast of Carnation, and 1 mile east of Lake Joy in the Cascade foothills. The site is comprised of 372 acres of high-quality wetland and forested upland habitats. An extensive Class 1 wetland complex encompasses a large sphagnum bog, beaver dams, open water and forested wetland.

Moss Lake Natural Area pictureThe site is extremely valuable from an ecological standpoint. The lake and associated bog and wetland comprise a rare habitat in King County, and the relatively unaltered nature of the area make the site a unique resource. In addition, the surrounding upland forest provides valuable wildlife habitat. Several King County species of concern, including bald eagle, Vaux’s swift, red-tailed hawk, pileated woodpecker, bandtailed pigeon, western toad and Beller’s ground beetle.

Moss Lake NA receives a modest amount of public use. There is a limited trail system on the site, and users include hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers. There is a pit toilet and a parking lot for up to 16 cars or 10 cars and three busses.

The Moss Lake Natural Area Site Management Guidelines are available in Adobe Acrobat format. For help using Acrobat files, please visit our Acrobat help page.

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Moss Lake Natural Area Site Management Guidelines (1.2 Mb)