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Natural resource lands

Working and ecological lands in King County, Washington

Find plans, maps and other reference information related to natural lands in King County, Washington.

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Natural Resource Lands in King County, Washington

Carnation Marsh Natural Area

Carnation Marsh Location mapThe Carnation Marsh Natural Area is a 67-acre portion of the greater 190 acres that make up the entire Carnation Marsh wetland system along the Snoqualmie River. In 1992, King County received funds from an Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account (ALEA) grant to purchase Carnation Marsh for resource protection and provision of educational opportunities.

Carnation Marsh Natural Area pictureCarnation Marsh is rated as a Class 1 wetland as documented in the King County Wetland Inventory. The Marsh has direct hydrologic connection to the Snoqualmie River and provides significant storage for floodwaters. The Marsh is characterized by an abundance of large woody debris; a high diversity of woody vegetation, including mature trees and snags; and a complex hydrology supplied by valley floor springs, tributaries and seeps draining the west valley wall. Carnation Marsh is environmentally significant for a multitude of plant and animal species that use the marsh for all or part of their life cycles. Carnation Marsh is 30 miles east of Seattle near the town of Carnation. The public can access this Natural Area for passive recreation and educational use via Highway 203 at West Snoqualmie Valley Rd. NE and NE 8th St.

For information about Seattle Audubon Society's Carnation Marsh lands adjacent and connected to King County's Carnation Marsh Natural area, please visit the Snoqualmie River Valley page on Seattle Audubon's Birdweb (external link). Also, Washington Native Plant Society provides an inventory of plants at Carnation Marsh (external link, MS Word).