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Lakes in King County, Washington

Find comprehensive services, data and information related to lakes in King County, Washington.

To offer a suggestion or report an error on the King County lakes website, please contact Fred Bentler, webmaster.

King County, Washington lakes

Lake services and information

Look up individual lakes in King County


Lake water quality

Lake maps

King County Lakes Map King County small lakes water quality map
This color lake map displays lakes across King County in different colors depending on their water quality. Lakes may be:

  • hypereutrophic - very poor water quality
  • eutrophic - poor water quality
  • mesotrophic - moderate water quality
  • oligotrophic - good water quality

The map also depicts easily readable lake names, rivers and streams and cities as of March, 2003. Map size is 11" x 17" with landscape orientation. File format is Adobe Acrobat version 5. File size is 1.28 Mb.

  • Hydrography - interactive map
    Note: this link will open a new browser window
    Zoom in to view and query GIS datasets including lakes and streams in King County, drainage areas, King County wetlands inventory, National wetlands inventory, and display aerial photos and USGS topographic map images.
  • King County lakes map (734 Kb Adobe Acrobat)
    This color map includes cities as of December, 1999; lakes, lake names in western King County, rivers, and streams.

Lake resources, guides and references

Learn about King County's program to protect shorelines, promote public access, and establish priorities for shoreline uses for the county's large lakes, rivers and Puget Sound.

Lakes history

  • History of King County's regional wastewater treatment utility
    Read how our region worked to keep our lakes and Puget Sound clean and healthy, including the early days of sewage treatment and disposal in King County, the birth of Metro and development of regional facilities to process the waste produced by our metropolitan area.
  • The birth of Metro
  • Lake Washington story
    A discussion about the value of Lake Washington, its past pollution problems and subsequent efforts to clean up the lake.
  • Lake Sammamish story
    An overview of Lake Sammamish and its value to people and wildlife, the lake's past pollution problems and subsequent efforts to keep the lake clean.

Be a lake volunteer - how you can help:

  • Environmental laboratory
    Collects samples from lakes, rivers and marine waters, biosolids application sites, industries and wastewater treatment plants, and analyzes samples in one of several labs including trace metals, organics, conventionals, microbiology and aquatic toxicology labs.
  • Aquatic plants
    Find out how to identify plants in your lake including noxious aquatic weeds, and learn how to help manage aquatic plants.
  • Volunteer event calendar
    Join us in stenciling stormdrains, restoring fish and wildlife habitat, and other lake related activities.