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King County, Washington

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Flooding services and information in King County, WA

2006 King County Flood Hazard Management Plan
Final, January 2007

The 2006 Plan is a companion to the 2013 King County Flood Hazard Management Plan update.
The 2006 King County Flood Hazard Management Plan (Flood Plan) was adopted by the King County Council in January 2007. This functional plan of the King County Comprehensive Plan proposed a much-needed fix to King County's aging system of 500 levees and revetments that protect urban and rural floodplain residents, businesses, regional economic centers, public infrastructure and roads.

Many of the county's levees no longer function as originally designed 40 years ago. The November 2006 flood event, which resulted in a federal disaster declaration, highlights the urgent need to shore up King County's aging flood-protection system, as evidenced by saturated levees, sloughing, cracking and slumping.

Since it is not a question of if there will be a major flood event in King County, but rather when the next event will occur, King County proposed to fix these failing flood protection facilities to reduce the likelihood of future flooding disasters.

The 2006 Flood Plan recommended contemporary flood hazard mitigation strategies to reduce flood risks to tens of thousands of people, billions of dollars in economic infrastructure and major transportation corridors.

To address the backlog of maintenance and repairs to levees and revetments, the 2006 Flood Plan identifies a decade's worth of repairs and upgrades ranging from $179 million to $335 million and recommended the creation of a countywide flood control district to fund the plan.

The King County Flood Control District was established in April 2007 by the King County Council to protect public health and safety, regional economic centers, public and private properties and transportation corridors.

Download the plan here:

The 2006 King County Flood Hazard Management Plan is provided in Adobe Acrobat format with file size, in sections to enable faster downloads. For help using Acrobat, please visit our Acrobat Help page.


Printed copies of the 2006 Flood Plan are available at the  following public libraries:

  • Auburn Library
  • Bellevue Regional Library
  • Bothell Regional Library
  • Carnation Library
  • Duvall Library
  • Fairwood Library
  • Fall City Library
  • Issaquah Library
  • Kent Regional Library
  • Maple Valley Library
  • Muckleshoot Library
  • North Bend Library
  • Redmond Regional Library
  • Skykomish Library
  • Snoqualmie Library
  • Tukwila Library

Editorials and News

Dec. 18, 2007 External link, Seattle Times King County's new flood philosophy: Stop fighting nature

July 10, 2006 External Editorial, Seattle Times Levees to lahar, disaster preparation We live in a region with the potential of natural disasters that can be exacerbated by inadequate infrastructure. It makes sense to invest in safeguards now instead of paying for widespread destruction later. New Orleans taught us that.

July 10, 2006 External Editorial, Seattle P-I Global Climate Change: Cheap insurance (editorial deleted) Rather than wait for disaster to loom, Sims argued last week, "Let's make the investments and prevent it." That investment would amount to as much as... $30 a year on a $300,000 home. It would seem to be the cheapest insurance a homeowner could buy.

July 6, 2006 Sims says flood protection can't wait, proposes countywide district to shore up aging levees

July 14, 2006 External link, King County Journal Sims wants millions to fix levees: If proposal is approved, homeowners could pay $15 to $30 a year for projects

July 7, 2006 External link, Seattle Times Sims calls for new district to fix levees, control flooding

July 7, 2006 External link, Seattle P-I Sims unveils 10-year plan to repair county levees

Mar. 8, 2006 External link, Seattle Times Green River levees slowly deteriorating

Archived Flooding News

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