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Services for farmers in King County, Washington

To offer a suggestion or report an error on the King County agriculture services and information website, please contact Fred Bentler, webmaster.

Sustainable agriculture in King County, Washington

Meet the commissioners

Ag Commissioner Nancy Hutto Ag Commissioner George Irwin Ag Commissioner Larry Pickering Ag Commissioner Bob Tidball
Nancy Hutto
Operates an apiary based in the North Bend area and sells directly through mail order, farmers markets and fairs.
George Irwin
Operates a cattle ranch in the Enumclaw area and markets the animals mainly as breeding stock.
Larry Pickering
Lives on farm in the Snoqualmie Valley and is a veterinarian for the equine industry.
Bob Tidball
Operates a small U-pick berry farm near Kent and has been a strong advocate for farmland preservation.
Ag Commissioner Micheale Blakely Commissioner Ward Roney Ag Commissioner Bob Vos Siri Erickson-Brown
Michaele Blakely
Operates a mixed organic vegetable/animal farm in the Snoqualmie Valley. She operates a CSA and sells at many local farmers markets.
Ward Roney
Has farmed in the Snoqualmie valley for many years. Ward brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about farming in the County.
Bob Vos
Raises grass fed Limousins on the Enumclaw Plateau. Bob and has strong connections with the King Conservation District.
Siri Erickson-Brown
Operates a new produce farm in the Snoqualmie Valley. They have a CSA and sell at Seattle areal farmers markets.
Matt Tregoning Eldon Murray Nicole  Capizzi
Matt Tregoning
Operates a new produce farm in the Snoqualmie Valley. Loves using his walk-behind tractor to grow intensively on a small acreage.
Eldon Murray
Raises grass and cattle on the Enumclaw Plateau. An experienced excavator for agricultural drainage.
Nicole Capizzi
Operates an urban farm on 1.5 acres, demonstrating a new model for commercial agriculture in the city.

For questions about the King County Agriculture Commission, please contact Steve Evans, Project Program Manager, King County Agriculture Program.