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King County Industrial Waste Program (KCIW)

Contacting the King County Industrial Waste Program:

Complete staff and program directory

The King County Industrial Waste Program
201 S. Jackson St. Room 513
Seattle, WA 98104-3855
Phone: 206-477-5300 and TTY Relay: 711

Fax: 206-263-3001


LINK: map showing how to drive to our office

Wastewater discharge application forms

Most facilities applying for approval to discharge industrial wastewater will submit the standard survey or permit application:

The standard Industrial Waste Program Survey and instructions, and Delegation of Signatory Authority form.
Upon evaluating your survey form, the Industrial Waste Program may be able to make a permitting decision based on the survey form or it will request that your facility submit a wastewater discharge permit application (next).

The standard Industrial Waste Program Wastewater Discharge Permit Application and Instructions and Delegation of Signatory Authority form
See also supplementary forms, below.

There are specialized applications for the following sectors:
Commercial septage discharged to the King County sewer system  - requires a Septage Acceptance Application
Construction site dewatering - requires a Construction Dewatering Request form.
Contaminated industrial stormwater - may require a supplemental application for discharge of contaminated stormwater.
Dental practice wastewater - may require a Dental Wastewater Discharge Permit Application (see also application instructions). 
Medical facilities - may require a Discharge Application for Hospitals/Medical Laboratories.

Supplementary forms - in addition to the standard application, if your company or facility is engaged in one of the following activities, use the following:
Biotechnology Supplementary Questionairre 
Breweries Supplementary Questionairre
Metal finishing Supplementary Questionairre
Wineries Supplementary Questionairre