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Combined sewer overflow status

This site is a joint effort by King County and the City of Seattle.

For questions about the King County Protecting Our Waters Program, please contact John Phillips.

For questions about the City of Seattle Sewage Overflow Prevention Program, please contact

What's happening in your waterway? Current CSO information to inform your choices

SW Seattle CSO Status

Combined Sewer Overflow Locations: Southwest Seattle
CSO Status legend: Southwest Seattle

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SE Seattle CSO Status

DISCLAIMER: Because of the desire to relay information as soon as practicable, this status has not yet been reviewed by King County or Seattle staff. Consequently, King County and Seattle cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information found on this website. Reviewed and updated data is reported in monthly and annual reports to the Washington State Department of Ecology. These reports are available to the public. King County’s annual reports can be found on their website and Seattle’s annual reports can be found on their website.