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Natural Resources and Parks

King County, Washington

2012 DNRP archived news releases

Dec. 26
Several easy and affordable options for Christmas tree recycling in King County
King County reminds you to ring in the new year by doing a good deed for the environment: Recycle your old Christmas tree, instead of throwing it in the garbage. 
Dec. 20
Verdict favors King County in Brightwater tunneling lawsuit
A King County Superior Court jury this afternoon awarded King County $155.8 million in damages after finding a Brightwater tunneling contractor defaulted on key contractual obligations.  
Dec. 20
Crews respond to Bothell manhole overflows
Heavy overnight rains caused at least four manholes to overflow near Thrasher’s Corner in Bothell early Thursday morning.  
Dec. 19
Reminder: Solid waste fee changes Jan. 1, helping ongoing system modernizations
King County Solid Waste reminds residents that changes in disposal fees go into effect Jan. 1, to help cover rising costs while modernizing a half-century-old solid waste handling system. 
Dec. 19
King County’s Take it Back Network expands to include mattresses
In an effort to reduce the number of used mattresses that are going to its landfill and taking up space, when they could instead be recycled and their components reused, King County's Take it Back Network has added two new partners as inaugural mattress recycling members. 
Dec. 18
Recycling, donating or disposing of your ‘stuff’ can help with moving stress
Moving into a new home, closing a loved one's home or making room for family members at your place can create an overwhelming amount of unwanted stuff. 
Dec. 11
Green Holidays offers fresh ideas to help consumers reduce waste
'Tis the season for consumption -- parties, gifts, shopping, decorations, food and more -- leading to a lot more waste. 
Dec. 1
Heavy overnight rains lead to manhole overflow in Bothell
Crews with King County's clean-water utility responded quickly Saturday morning to reports of a wastewater overflow in a Bothell neighborhood. 
Nov. 30
City of Seattle, King County selected as pilot STAR communities
The work of the City of Seattle and King County to make their operations more sustainable and help residents reduce their environmental impact has caught the attention of STAR Community Rating System. 
Nov. 28
Turn your Christmas tree into evergreen habitat with King County Parks and Swansons Nursery
This year, add a great, green twist to your family's holiday traditions by turning your Christmas tree into evergreen habitat for fish and wildlife on King County Parks land. 
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