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Climate change

King County is responding

For more information about climate change in King County, please send us an e-mail.

climate change response

Climate Change Events

Climate Change Related Events Calendar and Archive

Climate Change Impacts brown bag meeting During 2011 and 2012 the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks Climate Team hosted the "Responding to Climate Change" brownbag series focused on how King County agencies are taking sustainability and climate related action. Each session covered topics related to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or prepare for climate change impacts. In addition to talking about specific issues, presenters also shared successes and challenges in moving this type of work forward. A video archive of these events is linked below.

The King County GreenTools program, in collaboration with the King County-Cities Climate Collaboration, also hosts the Sustainable Cities Roundtable series which began in the late 2000s. In that forum, King County and its cities partner on monthly roundtable discussions focused on climate change and green building topics. All King County and city staff are welcome at these events which occur in a different city in King County each month.

In 2013, King County’s Climate Change Program, Energy Task Force, Green Building Program, and the Environmental Purchasing Program, are collaborating on a new employee engagement brownbag series. The 2013 series will be focused on information and resources to help employees "Minimize King County's Operational Environmental Footprint", a key objective of King County highlighted in the King County Strategic Plan and King County Strategic Climate Action Plan.

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Archives of Climate, Sustainability and Green Building related events — Includes videos, powerpoint slides, and related resources

Sustainable Cities Roundtables Schedule — includes a calendar of upcoming roundtables If you have feedback or ideas for topics you hope will be covered in future events, please email us.

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Sustainabe Cities Roundtable schedule

Archived climate presentations

King County Strategic Plan

Environmental Sustainability Goal Briefing – King County Council Committee of the Whole – October 3, 2011 - 7.1 MB PDF

Video from the Council Briefing - The Environmental Sustainability Goal Briefing runs from 25:40- 1:09 (44 min) and the Climate Change Section from 41:20-47:40 (6 min)