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Climate change

King County is responding

For more information about climate change in King County, please send us an e-mail.

Confronting climate change

2015 SCAP King County’s blueprint for action to confront climate change How Metro is protecting our region’s environment What is king county government doing about climate change?

Featured resources

Strategic Climate Action Plan

Read King County’s 2015 Annual Report on implementation of the recently adopted Strategic Climate Action Plan.

Forestry Climate Preparedness and Response Website

Forestry CPR King County unveils a new online resource for King County landowners and others interested in the relationship between climate change and forests. Learn how climate change could impact your forest and discover solutions for your property.

Impacts of Climate Change

King County faces its own set of challenges related to climate change. This updated section presents known impacts to the environment, human health and the economy resulting from climate change in King County. Learn more specifics of how climate change has an impact on the people and the environment around you.

Localize Sustainability

Localize Sustainability provides King County residents with unique, local insights on their most beneficial sustainability actions — in terms of saving money, living healthier, and shrinking environmental footprint.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in King County (published February 2012)

King County Green Report This report quantifies emissions from the entire King County community including governments, residents and business, presenting results from two different, but complementary, inventories of GHG emissions.
Read the report

Learn more about What King County is doing

Multimedia and Videos

Food Too Good to Waste – King County Video Series

Eastside Rail Corridor – King County Overview

Archive of King County climate change related videos — More than 20 topics!