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Salmon and trout

Science, volunteer opportunities, and Endangered Species Act response

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Salmon and trout in King County, Washington and the northwest

Salmon Watching

The Salmon Watcher Program was a multi-jurisdictional effort focused at protecting a Pacific Northwest treasure and educating the community in the process. The 20-year-old program involved volunteers watching streams for spawning salmon in King and Snohomish Counties. This effort mainly focused on waters within the Lake Washington Watershed. After 20 incredible years of volunteer service and fish data collection, the program is ending in its current form. Some of the program's long-time partners, such as the Bellevue Stream Team, will continue to hold Salmon Watcher trainings and collect data each fall. This website will continue to provide information for how you can help salmon as well as how you can get involved in on-going volunteer efforts in the region.

Other local programs


  • Bellevue Stream Team. Bellevue Stream Team will continue to hold a Salmon Watcher training each fall! Everyone is welcome to attend but the only salmon watching sites offered will be in Bellevue and Bothell.
  • Miller and Walker creeks. Want to watch for salmon and live near Miller or Walker creeks in Burien? Check out Community Salmon Investigation.

Where to see fish...

If it is salmon spawning season (September through December) and you'd like to get out and see fish, here are some ideas and opportunities:

  • Salmon Seeson -- good places to see salmon spawning in the Lake Washington Watershed
  • Spawning salmon viewing locations page.
  • Use our site mapper to help find sites that have been watched by Salmon Watchers over the past 20 years.
  • Check our Streams page to see what fish you might expect to show up in your stream in the fall.

Want to help salmon?

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