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Noxious weeds

King County, Washington

To offer a suggestion or report an error on the King County Noxious Weeds website, please contact Sasha Shaw, education specialist.

Noxious weeds in King County

Noxious weeds are a danger to our environment and the economy. These introduced species cost our region millions of dollars in lost agricultural production, environmental degradation and added maintenance costs.  Once invasive plants spread to natural areas, they harm native plants and wildlife and can be impossible to eradicate.

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poison-hemlock - click for more information
tansy ragwort - close for more information
Tansy Ragwort
giant hogweed-click for more information
Giant Hogweed
Himalayan Blackberry - Rubus armeniacus - click for ID and control information
Garlic mustard

Identify and learn about weeds and invasive plantsClick to report a noxious weed infestation in King County, Washington

Report an infestation

Please help us locate regulated Class A, B, and C noxious weeds in King County so we can work with the property owners and public agencies responsible to ensure the weeds are controlled effectively. We need your help to find early infestations while we still have a chance to stop them.

Control noxious weeds