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Employee Giving Program

Contact information:

Junelle Kroontje
Employee Giving Program Administrator

Online Pledging:  My Giving

Welcome to the online giving option for King County Employees: My Giving located in PeopleSoft.  You now have a completely paper-free way to fill out your pledge form.  And, you will be able to view pledge forms since the 2007 Deduction year.

No more paper, no more wondering if your pledge form got lost in interoffice mail, and no more needing to make a copy (or forgetting to and then having to call and ask for one)!  You can do it all from My Giving.  You can do it from work or you can do it from your couch.  And its accessed from your very own personal PeopleSoft log-in, so it offers more privacy than a paper form. Yes, you do have a PeopleSoft log-in, I promise!

Beginning September 23, you will be able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.  It's faster, it's more efficient, and it's miles more convenient.


Read the Instructions BEFORE going to My Giving.

Quick Tips:

  • Look up Agency Codes before going to My Giving.  Click Here

  • To add another nonprofit organization for payroll deduction click the Plus Sign (+) to the right of the dedication box for a total of 20.

  • Once you click Confirm you can not make any more changes on online.  Email the EGP Administrator to start over or make changes

My Giving

Click Here to PLEDGE NOW!

Quick Q & A:

Where is the online located?  It is located in your PeopleSoft Self-service!  The same place you will go for open enrollment and where you can find other great information.  Going online is faster, more effecient, and saves tons of money!  Plus it is more convenient and private for you!

How do a I get a catalog/find the information in the catalog? We no longer print a full catalog, with more than 900 organizations, it is far more effecient to have everything online.  However, have no fear, there are still lots of great ways you can access the information in what used to be the catalog.  We have printer friendly PDFs, user friendly webite, and pledge forms in paper so feel free to email, call the EGP at 206.263.9405, or check with your local worksite Ambassador to get this information hard copy. 

Where am I going to get a pledge form if I don't get a catalog?  You can get the pledge form from your worksite ambassador, download it from the website or email/call and request one.

I get paid on the 5th and 20th of each month, does that mean I can't use My Giving?  Absolutely not, EVERY employee has a PeopleSoft log-in.  As part of the ABT Project all employees are now able access certain information in the PeopleSoft system regardless of when you are paid.  Don't believe me? Click here for the PeopleSoft homepage and check it out.  Follow the log-in instructions and explore.  You just might find My Giving.