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Human Resources Division

Department of Executive Services

Human Resources Division
500 4th Avenue, Room 553
Seattle, WA 98104


Nancy Buonanno Grennan
King County Jobs

Welcome to the King County Human Resources Division

Human Resources Workplan

Vision Statement Mission Statement
Human Resources is a strategic partner in building a highly skilled, diverse and motivated team of employees, working together to meet our customers’ needs. We provide the foundation of support in recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining a quality workforce capable of meeting residents’ needs now and in the future.
Guiding Principles

We value diversity of ideas and strive to be inclusive in every aspect of our work; we treat others and our teammates with mutual respect and dignity

We are continuously improving our skills and abilities to meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow

We are continuously thinking ahead, anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s workforce

We act with integrity, doing the right thing by our customers

We look to improve every aspect of our operations to increase value to the customer

Customer Focused
We pride ourselves in delivering timely, compassionate, proactive service

2012 Enterprise Priorities and Actions
Hire Well
We will support transparent, timely, consistent recruitment processes, and strive to hire for the skills needed today and for the foreseeable future.
Develop Employees
We will build the workforce of tomorrow by investing in the workforce of today.
Reward, Recognize, and Compensate Employees
We will have a sustainable compensation package that rewards productivity and excellent public service while recognizing the varying needs of our workforce.
Improve the Health & Safety of Employees
We will increase the productivity of our workforce by creating an environment supportive of employees’ health and safety.
Transform Human Resources into a Strategic Partner with Operations
We will rebrand and transform HR services to meet operational needs; we will simplify our work processes to add value to the customer; we will clarify roles and responsibilities of HRD v. HR within agencies; we will create a nimble, fluid, engaged workforce of HR partners.