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Healthy Incentives Program

Healthy lifestyle information for King County employees and their families

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King County Healthy IncentivesSM Initiative Toolkit


King County created Healthy IncentivesSM in 2005 to stop its health care costs from increasing at unsustainable rates. Through improved health of employees and use of higher quality health care, the county has reduced the rate of its health care trend from 11% to 6.2%, avoiding $46 million in costs. Engagement has been at or above 90 percent since the program began. Participants have lost 19 tons more than a national comparison group and the smoking rate has dropped below the national average from 12% to 5%.

Healthy IncentivesSMis a catalyst for improved employee health that curbs the use of costly health care. It also works to improve the quality of health care in the region through a region-wide collaborative, thus reducing ineffective and costly treatment.

The program launched in 2005 and results are very positive. As a result, King County receives numerous inquiries about how our program is designed, the impacts and the lessons we have learned along the way. This toolkit is designed to answer these and many more questions.

Healthy Incentives Toolkit

This toolkit features:

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